The Effects Of Brain Cancer

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Cancer is classified as a dangerous disease that is taking over the lives of many people, and families today. Cancer is known as a deadly disease that produces unwanted growth of cells in a certain area of a body. According to scientific and medical research, there are over a hundred different types of cancer out there, but each specifically classified by the cell that it is initially affected by. There can be many reasons that lead to cancerous growths in the body. Most believe it is in genetics and also that numerous environmental factors play a major role, but many doctors and scientists are still unaware of the cause of cancer till today. Cancer primarily starts to harm the body, shortly after damaged cells start to divide uncontrollably forming lumps or in other words, tumors, that may or may not be cancerous. There are patients diagnosed with lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and many more. In this paper, I would like to focus moreover on Brain cancer, a form of malignant cancer, my father was diagnosed with a few years ago, with all the treatments, and how it has affected his physical, mental, and emotional health.
A common symptom of being diagnosed with a brain tumor is having usual seizures. A seizure is the “uncontrolled movement of muscles, or in other terms, “an attack caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain” ( Seizures last about five minutes long, and instantly causes unusual movements, such as twitching, repetitive jerking movements, muscle stiffness and loss of muscle tone, and last but not least, loss of consciousness. Those are all symptoms of massive generalized seizures. There are also, short and quiet seizures, known as “absent seizures”, which lead to minor symptoms of s...

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...not have proper coordination and balance. He also has a lack of memory now. It is hard to know what he wants to eat and understand what he is trying to say. His speech is very poor and has a lack of communication which leads to misunderstandings. He was always a hard working business man, and to be diagnosed with such a horrifying illness, he is always depressed, aggressive and in shock. Not only has my father been through many ups and downs physically, emotionally, and mentally, in the past three years but so have we as a family. As a family, it takes time to absorb and understand what his cancer’s side effects and cope with his treatments. Cancer really takes over a patient’s life and makes a patient disbelieve in himself and give up hope. But is important for a family to give love, care and moral support to the patient, to help them realize they are not alone.
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