The Effects Of Autism On Children With Autism

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In my paper I will be talking about the impact autism disorder has and the affects a child’s development in, physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional domains. I will be explaining the cause of this disorder along with the behaviors a child with autism has and the symptoms that are known for this disorder. Autism is a developmental disorder in the brain that makes it difficult to process information. For instance, children with autism have “different areas of the brain that fail to work together” (WebMD, 2014, p.1), which results in delays in language, trouble communicating, and have strange or unusual behaviors.Autism is usually recognized before the age of 3, when the child lacks any development or when the child shows symptoms, which will be explained later on in the paper. Causes of autism are still not found, although “scientists believe that genes and environmental factors…there’s also a 30% chance of a child developing autism if a sibling has it” (kidshealth, 2014, p.2). In addition, “thimersal which is contained in vaccines have been thought to be a cause for this disorder, although it has not been proven” (Boyd & Bee, 2010, p.210). Moreover, there is a treatment for this disorder which will also be explained in this paper further along with resources that support children and families with this disorder. Autism disorders impact the child’s three domains of development which involve the body, thinking, and emotions which is what will be explained furthermore. Physical Domain In addition, a child with autism “affects any or all of the sensory areas of touch, vision, hearing, taste and smell” (Wall, 2004, p.79). This means the child might have very sensitive or not sensitive at all which can make a child feel very uncomfor... ... middle of paper ... ...the age of 3, kids can get help by “Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)” which continue with treatments (kidshealth, 2014, p.3). Moreover, once the child gets to kindergarten their local school district can also provide help to continue the child’s treatment. The therapies which help cope with autistic disorder are “behavioral, educational, speech, and occupational therapies” (kidshealth, 2014, p.2). With the help of these therapies the child will be able to overcome many of the obstacles autism comes with and can help the child live a better life. In addition, medications are also used to treat certain symptoms like, “aggression toward oneself or others, problem of inattention, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and mood swings” (kidshealth, 2014, p.2). Help is also available by contacting your doctor, school, churches, and local autism advocacy groups.
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