The Effects Of Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is notorious among the human race. However it is especially notorious among teenagers. To them, it seems like a wonderful time, not knowing how detrimental it is to their actual health. To really understand alcohol use, you must take an in depth look on why teens use it. Some factors include, peer pressure, media interpretation, and curiosity. We have a foundation built on experimentation after all, and sometimes you must consume something to truly learn how harmful it can be. High school is without a doubt a social battlefield, with everyone struggling to maintain a decent reputation or fit in with the standards set by their peers. One of the expectations happens to be drinking alcohol. Simply put, if everyone's doing it, you should too. An adult will not understand that saying no is difficult. An adult will not understand that saying no can condemn you to a very low social standing. To us teenagers, that can be a problem. Thus, we drink. We drink not because we remotely enjoy it, yet because maybe we doing this will help us get noticed by that cute girl, or propel us into popularity. Peer pressure is without a doubt a societal menace spreading across high schools in the United States that cannot be so easily halted. When a teenager commits such a heinous act to society such as drinking, perhaps some forgiveness should be bestowed upon him given the fact that this is expected of him. We learn not by constant lectures, or criticism, but by the committing mistakes. Peer pressure is something we cannot escape, it is the reason some teens are consuming alcohol as I am typing this essay, but those teens will also soon learn to say no. Another important factor to consider is media interpretation ... ... middle of paper ... ...or her on the spot. He or she is dead and their family is distraught. No words can describe the anxiety and anguish you feel at that time. You will kick yourself over and over because you'll finally realize that those few drinks were not worth it. When reading this you might not think this could happen to you, however you couldn't be more wrong. It can happen to anyone. Learning to say no is essential to us as teenagers. No matter how difficult it may seem to us, there is a way. You don't have to submit yourself to this menace. A solution is always present; we have the gift of willpower. We must practice the gift of willpower to avoid letting alcohol ruin our lives. It is a menace, a plague, a need to some people. Human nature leaves us vulnerable sometimes. But practicing saying no can ensure our safety. It can ensure we survive this age of alcoholism.
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