The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment

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Air pollution is a very big problem in our environment today, and the reason why is because of the cars, buses, planes, boats, and any factory plants that are producing smoke which causes a lot of radiation; many people that live near those industrial areas are in big risk of having cancer and the air they breathing is just affecting their health even more, many electric powered cars, which many companies says they are environmentally friendly has a battery made in a plant that affects the environment, and also the hybrid cars do have gasoline powered engines which will also affect the environment since they have mufflers on the back of the cars throwing out carbon monoxide putting many people’s health in danger. Peter Gorrie wrote the first article called “Relaxed rules at U.S. coal plants major health threat, Ontario says” and it is about how many Ontario residents are getting sick or would die if the U.S environmental protection agency goes ahead with the new emission rules for the new coal-fueled generated stations, the author of the article states that “air pollution from U.S power plants continues to harm the health, economy, and environment of Ontario”, they say that this new emission rule might cause a lot of death and when the wind blows into Ontario coming, it comes from the Midwest in the U.S which also has a lot of power plants and the smoke of those power plants has blown into Ontario and has caused about 2,700 premature deaths and also about 12,000 hospital admissions each year, the air from those industrial plants has also caused damage to the buildings, farms, and trees. It costed about $10 billion in damages and that also includes $6.6 billion in hospital bills, and along with Ontario 14 other states have criticiz... ... middle of paper ... ... want to have. The government and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) should take action and try to move the industrial location to a place where the smoke of the plant will blow in a different direction to help people breathe healthier air. Air pollution is a major problem in our community today and not many people are taking action and seeing the effects of air pollution, it can be a very bad thing for our health as both articles has mentioned many people have died or has been hospitalized because of air pollution, the government and EPA are doing the best they can to put an end to air pollution, but it may not be good enough since people are still dying and it cost the government so much money on upgrading hospitals to make sure the people have a place to come and get treated. Air pollution is something we should be concerned about and not leave it alone.
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