The Effects Of Air Pollution In China By Didi Tang

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Pollution is a controversial issue that affects many countries around the world today. Pollution appears in many forms which include air, land, water and soil. The city of Beijing, China had a population of 11.51 million people in 2000. It has grown over the years and so has the pollution. Many citizens of China do not understand the impact their choices are having on the environment. There are individuals who want to shine light on the topic of pollution. One of them is author Didi Tang. Tang discusses the effects of air pollution in her article “Beijing air pollution reaches hazardous levels”, which was published by AP Top News Package in 2005. This article discusses the effects of air pollution found in China. Manley the smog causing the…show more content…
“The timing of the this summit could hardly have been worse. Beijing authorities were forced to issue their first red alert due to the smog levels earlier this month” (Para 5). Brown briefly touches on this subject, while Tang discussed how it was affecting the citizens of China. The red alert lasted for days. Most of the citizens of Beijing were severely affected by the smog. Some had to be rushed to hospitals as the smog got worse. Tang did a better job at capturing the audience 's emotion in terms of talking about China 's first red alert. Brown acknowledged the local issues facing the citizens of China. “A visit to Sichuan province -- a former steel town on the outskirts of Chengdu where a mill closed nine months ago after being labelled a heavy polluter -- reveals that 16,000 workers lost their jobs” (Para 18). We can tell that Brown did her research as she talks about the factors that was shut down in Chengdu. This is an effective way to grab the reader 's attention. Although 16,000 people lost their job, this does not amount to the pollution that was saved from entering the atmosphere. Brown made it seem as though he sympathized with the employees losing their job, instead of seeing all the pollution that was prevented. Tang argument grabbed the audience 's attention
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