The Effectiveness of the Dramatic Techniques Used in Act One Scene Five in Romeo and Juliet

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The Effectiveness of the Dramatic Techniques Used in Act One Scene Five in Romeo and Juliet

The scene’s overall place in the play is crucially important as this

is when the “two star crossed lovers” first meet. It changes their

lives forever because the two are now committed to each other and

begin to take a stand against the on-going family feud. The rest of

the play then develops from Act 1 Scene 5 as it shapes the whole plot.

In Elizabethan theatre the common genre of tragedy usually meant that

either the hero or heroine died which was full of irony and considered

a tragic waste. In those days it was very fashionable and Shakespeare

wrote many plays such as Hamlet and Julius Caesar written using a

similar concept of tragedy. However this play of “Romeo and Juliet” is

unusual because both characters die which increases the sense of waste

as two young lives have ended. Overall in this specific scene,

Shakespeare has set out to achieve a dramatic emotional meeting

between the lovers, and put it into the context of the family feud so

that the tragedy is already foreshadowed.

The themes and techniques which are characteristic of Romeo and Juliet

are clearly illustrated in Act 1 Scene 1. The main themes in the play

are love, family, conflict and death. Like many other plays it is

built on contrast, such as youth against age and also love against

hate. Shakespeare builds it so that opposites collide all the time

which forms a central dramatic technique. Other key dramatic

techniques include the use of contrast, structure, interaction between

the main characters, differences in the style of verse, dramatic irony

and imagery created b...

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...ggest impact of this scene is on the audience, mainly

because of the fact that they probably know from previous knowledge

that at some point or other Romeo is going to meet Juliet, and from

that moment onwards, the plot will develop. Right from the beginning

of the play tension is mounting up as the scene is progressing closer,

and when it arrives I am sure that it grasps the audience’s full

attention because they want to witness the meeting that will

eventually lead the two lovers to their death. As I have said before,

many contrasts and issues are displayed which makes it all the more

dramatic and exciting to watch. This scene forms a very strong

relationship with the rest of the play for the reason that it is all

shaped around Act 1 Scene 5 so therefore I would conclude that it is

the most crucial scene in the play.