The Effectiveness of Prison Education Rehabilitation

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The prison system is a source of debate and criticism. Many people would agree that prisons are effective because they keep criminals who are deemed dangerous away from society. Of course, there are different levels of offenders requiring a lesser or greater level of security. Moore Solomon, a Criminal Justice Reporter for the New York Times and a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times states, “140,610 out of 2.3 million inmates being held in jails and prisons across the country are serving life terms” (Solomon). Such a high number of incarcerations would indicate that most convicts in prison have-been or will-be released back into society after serving their sentence. With so many ex-convicts going back into society, the US prison system should continue to utilize Education Rehabilitation because it increases the effectiveness of the individuals being reinstated into society thereby reducing recidivism rates and reducing prison costs.
One of the major reasons for prison Education Rehabilitation programs is that it increases the effectiveness of the individual going back into society. Many of the programs that are currently available to prisoners such as drug treatment, victim offender mediation, boot camp for minors, conjugal visits, and contemplative programs all help overcome problems and addictions, which is very important, yet more focus should be placed on Education. Education is so important because many prisoners find it hard to smoothly re-enter society after being behind bars for so long. Although partly effective, many of our prison rehab programs should be run better with focus placed on education. Lin, Ann C in her book “Reform in the Making” writes:
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