The Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy Used in Online Business Among Young Adults

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2.2.1 Pre-exposure Level

Pre-exposure level of consumer response does usually not exist in consumer response but it is imperative to be included in the online consumer response process. During this level online consumer proceeds through literacy, intentional and voluntary phases before he/she prepare for interaction or expose to the web-based commercial communication (Hanekom, 2006). In offline environment, consumer tends to purchase product by emotional response and usually exposed to the messages unintentionally (Niazi, Siddiqui, Shah & Hunjra, 2011). Although literacy in this level is a prerequisite for understanding but some of the consumer did not proceed through but they still can understand the message through other way. In online environment, Leelayouthayotin (2004) argued consumer can choose or search the information they want and intentionally to access the information through Internet thus pre-exposure is not accidental.

2.2.2 Exposure Level

During the exposure level, the online consumer begins to aware of the information and exposed to the message. There are five phases the online consumer will proceed through in this level: Vehicle exposure, Deliberate and desired exposure, Information pull and regulation, Web-based commercial communication exposure and Awareness. Henekom (2006) stated that vehicle exposure is the indicator of a message exposure. Therefore consumer must need to exposure to the vehicle then they just can be exposure to the message. Bauer, Barnes, Reichardt and Neumann (2005) explained that individual is consciously decided on performing or not performing a specific behavior as they will consider various criteria before performing it. When Bauer, Barnes, Reichardt and Neumann (2005) statement ap...

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