The Effectiveness Of Foster Care: The Benefits Of Foster Care

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The effectiveness of foster care can be inhibited as it can be seen as something that is not as important. If the separation between a children is forced the parents might have a difficult time accepting it. Separation is dramatic for children in which can make them to see help as hurting them instead of helping them. Jee, S. H., Salter, M. B., Gonka, J., & Chin, N. P. (2014).states that “Sensitivity to cultural interpretation for this high-needs population is vital to enhancing communication between families and health providers caring for children in foster care. Clearly stating that is important for different cultures to learn about the foster care system .See it as a helping hand instead of seeing it as an enemy system. What are the advantages of foster care? The advantages of foster care can be many…show more content…
The parents should move as quickly as possible to schedule an appointment and to complete all of the paperwork that needs to be completed. What are the qualifications a person interested in becoming a foster parent must have? The qualifications are to have a licenses in which is required to become a foster parent in California. This would require for a worker to visit the home and meet the people that live in the home with the future foster parent. The visit is to see the minimum requirements that need to be looked at such as the personal, safety and space requirements that is required by law in California. The social worker and the foster parents will be working together to help determine what type of child will be best to have in their home. Such as their health, gender and age of the child. There is no fee for families that plan to adopt the child from a foster care home. It all depends on the adoption agency if the person will pay a fee and get reimbursed or pay no fee at

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