The Effect of the Media in Our Body Image Perspectives

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The Effect of the Media in Our Body Image Perspectives In the recent years communication and the technology has been improved in a way that nobody ever imagined. In 1926, John Logie Baird invented the television and over the years television had become the first tool for entertainment until now. Television and media had presented or reflected how society works. It also reflected the image of people and how they perceived themselves. As an example, the shows were mainly about a love story that was very simple (the dad won’t let the girl choose the one she loves) and many other similar stories. But if you observe the actresses’ bodies you will notice that they are far from perfect according to our recent standards. Young women and men are so negatively affected by the unrealistic body images presented consequences have resulted However, the standards should not be focused on just this one aspect of a person; a more diverse consideration of the total person is needed. Unhappily, this era is all about what looks nice and neat. It’s all about how you look, what kind of job you have, and who is the designer of your clothe. Also, in the recent years, body shape has become the first priority in anyone’s list, man or woman, especially between teens and the young adults. They compare themselves to the actresses on television. Research by Kozar and Damhorst (2009), they discussed the relationship between age and body image, and also how women are always compare themselves with the actresses and models on the screen. Their study included 281 women with a range of ages from 30 -80 years old. The results were first, there is a positive link between how the participants compare themselves to the actresses appearance. Second, how it is... ... middle of paper ... ... sense of eating, weight and risk in the early teenage years: Views and concerns of parents in poorer socio-economic circumstances.” Social Science & Medicine. Vol.63, Pages 624-635, (2006). Katy Steinmetz. “Men Also Self-Conscious About, Magazines Featuring 'Ideal' Women.” The Missourian Journal. (2008). Oswald A. J. Mascarenhasand Mary A. Higby “Parent- and Media –Informative Influences Exceed Almost All Other.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Vol. 21, Pages 53-58, (1993). Mark A Pereira, Alex I Kartashov, Cara B Ebbeling, Linda Van Horn, Martha L Slattery, David R Jacobs, Jr. and David S Ludwig. “Fast-Food Habits, Weight Gain, and Insulin Resistance (The CARDIA Study): 15-Year Prospective Analysis.” The Lancet Journal. Vol.365, Pages 36-42, (2005).
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