The Effect of The Code of Ethics on the Practice of Midwifery

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The Effect of the Code of Ethics on the Practice of Midwifery Worldwide many mothers die yearly due to pregnancy and childbirth complications. Many of these deaths occur due to the lack of educated midwives and doctors in countries filled with poverty. In the United States The Code of Ethics for the Practice of Midwifery insures medical and professional ethic barriers to insure the safety and understanding of pregnant patients and their families. However, ethical codes are not guaranteed to be followed, and cannot always give the midwives exactly what they need in case of a dilemma; but they are guidelines. Therefore, bringing the concentration on the role of a midwife, the values a midwife must have, and a midwife's philosophy of care, the Code of Ethics sets boundaries and principals a midwife must follow. The practice of midwifery is important in the birth of the approaching future and the values of birth. The Code of Ethics set by the American College of Nurse Midwives is an important aspect in determining an affective and relate-able midwife for the process of home-birth. The practice of Midwifery is an art unattainable without respect and insight. Midwives in addition , care for the baby occasionally after birth during early development. Whereas, they are with the patient throughout the whole pregnancy and gives them skills to maintain a healthy birth. Under the Midwives Model of Care, midwives act as a mental, emotional, and a physical cheer team guiding the players (which are the patients) along the field of birth ( Foster 11). The Midwives Model of Care focuses on women and the decisions they make during their pregnancy. ... ... middle of paper ... ... Singletary 4 HIPAA act insuring confidentiality. The individuals representing the profession of midwifery must be responsible in their obligation in professional ethics and medical ethics as well before, after, and during the care of the mother and baby. The Code of Ethics has had a lasting effect on an affective and relate-able midwife. It sets the tone and map out for the Practice of Midwifery. It is an inquiry of the dos and do nots in lives of many midwives today. The Code of Ethics acts as a blueprint for midwives, and a helpful guide in their practice. If followed correctly the ethical code is what distinguishes an affective and relate-able midwife from a slouchy midwife. Focusing on the obligations, values and professional ethics between midwife and patient the Code of Ethics has been a resourceful guide to success in the Practice of Midwifery.

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