The Effect of Smoking on Health

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The Effect of Smoking on Health

“Tobacco smoke is a complex mixture of more than 4,000 chemicals in

the form of gases, particles or both. When you inhale cigarette smoke,

dozens of harmful substances enter your lungs and spread through your

body. They can reach your brain, heart and other organs within 10

seconds of the first puff.” (Winstanly. M et al 1995)

Tobacco is a plant which has been grown over thousands of years upon

which many scientific experiments have taken place. The researchers

have looked into the matter in many ways. The experiments through

research have shown many results regarding the issue, whether smoking

is harmless or harmful.

The essay will differentiate between the two issues and give an

insight into the matter to evaluate the damage of health caused by


A cigarette is known to contain thousands of chemicals in the form of

tobacco. Some of these chemicals are used in other everyday products

such as aerosols and paints. The main chemicals which contribute

inside a cigarette are known to be nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide.

Over many years, scientific research has been undergoing relating to

these chemicals and what effects they have on the human body and

brain. This is due to the increase in cancer.

In a recent study (Dossing, M 2001) it shows that “One in five people

die from lung cancer and 0.5% of people who have developed lung cancer

have never touched a cigarette”. The study indicates that smoking

cigarettes has a relation with lung cancer.

“When nicotine is taken it is absorbed into the blood system and

reduces circulation in the blood.” (Dr. Traquet p. 49). The effect


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...y.” (Dr. Traquet pp. 48-49)

Overviews of smoking from medical and scientific areas show some

damaging effects to the health.


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