The Effect of School Leadership on Academic Performance

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The proposed dissertation topic is the effect of school leadership on academic performance. This topic has been selected because it is a researchable topic. The scope of this topic is bigger and requires different approaches to achieve the intended end. On the proposed dissertation topic’s contribution to the body of knowledge in my profession, this research will seek to improve on the quality of information concerning leadership in school by correlating school leadership approach and school performance. Current research works provides a subjective approach by addressing particular leadership styles and their success on academic front. As regards to my work demonstrating originality, the research will utilize secondary data from diverse source and perform multivariate correlation and regression analysis, which to the best of my knowledge has not been done before. Additionally, to ensure that the research is original, the completed work will be subjected to multiple plagiarism evaluation servers, which will confirm the originality of the research. Search Terms Related Dissertation The first search term for my dissertation topic is leadership. Different outputs are bound to emerge including leadership character, style, and theories among others. The second research term is school. This term has been selected to refine leadership application to school setting because there are various forms of leaderships and areas of application. Searching the term leadership on Google Scholar or other academic databases generates a myriad of outputs, which can be challenging to identify a school-based research. The third search term is academic. This term has been intentionally used to depict learning scenario. There is a possibility of generat... ... middle of paper ... ...& Matto, H. C. (2009). Parental aspirations for their children's educational attainment: Relations to ethnicity, parental education, children's academic performance, and parental perceptions of school climate. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 38(8), 1140-52. Retrieved from Wodderson-Perez, M. (2000). The relationship of superintendent leadership styles to student achievement and school district financial and demographic factors in Texas. (Doctoral dissertation, Sam Houston State University, 2000). Dissertation Abstracts International. (UMI No. 9982149) Yeh, H., & Hong, D. (2012). The mediating effect of organizational commitment on leadership type and job performance. The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, 8(2), 50-59. Retrieved from
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