The Effect of One's Emotional State on the Memory

The Effect of One's Emotional State on the Memory

Research Aim

This experiment requires an investigation to prove ones emotional

state has a large effect on ones memory. In this case someone's in a

happy emotional state will have a better memory than someone in a sad

or depressed emotional state.

Alternate Hypothesis

Participants having had listened to happy upbeat music will remember

significantly more words than those having had listened to sad

depressing music.

Null Hypothesis

There will be no significant difference in the number of words

remembered by participants in each condition any difference will be

due to chance. (97 Words)


The Design this particular experiment was an independent measures

design on the statistical test Mann Whitney U. This experiment was

independent measures as there were two conditions but each participant

only participated in one of these conditions. This experiment was not


This experiment is a Laboratory experiment which is good as it

provides a standard procedure to be repeated in a well controlled

environment. Such a design of experiments means extraneous variables

are kept to a minimum and thus prevents those becoming confounding

variables. As the standard procedure is easily repeated it enabled

this experiment to be more reliable. Although problems with carrying

out this laboratory experiment are that such a design suffers from low

ecological validity as participants are removed from their natural

surroundings and thus may act differently. As well as this there may

have been problems with demand characteristics as participant may have

believed they had to get a really high or really low score on the

number of words remembered.

The population I chose to carry out my 'Man Whitney U test' on was

within my local sixth form centre St. Angela's and St. Bonaventure's.

The population here are divided into lower and upper sixth.

The particular sample was chosen. I decided upon a quotas sample. In

my particular sample each participant had to be either male or female,
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