The Effect of Hollywood on Youth

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The Effect of Hollywood on Youth
“We have got to quit fooling around with this. I know this stuff sells, but that doesn’t make it right” (Clinton). Bill Clinton is right about this. Some movies have so much action in them that kids are becoming violent because they have watched too many bad movies. Some parents are even letting their little kids watch rated R movies, when they are supposed to be seventeen to watch them, even though they can teach you to do good things. Hollywood movies teach youth to do bad things because, some movies are teaching youth that it’s ok to smoke or drink, because Hollywood movies are setting a bad example.
The movies that give kids bad examples are the ones that we need to get rid of. If we don’t get rid of them kids are going to start causing trouble in school, on the streets, and at home. At school if their parents have guns in the house they could take it and kill other children, on the streets they can do that and more, at home they can sneak out or get grounded a lot. It isn’t good to put this kind of influence on children, if we continue to keep this up there is going to be a rise in crime in this world. When a crime is committed they don’t just say “Ok we will give you a warning and if it happens again you will go to jail.” If the world were to come to that I would be really mad, and I think everyone in this world would be mad to.
Some of the movies are directed to portray that the violent crimes are committed against women, and that the use of alcohol and tobacco was either glamorous or fashionable. It makes me mad when people make it to be that way because it isn’t supposed to be like that. “Film is Art and Art is Influence” (Davis). This quote is very true movies do influence us in a way tha...

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...n have an influence on people also. Some children will look up to an actor or an actress and want to be just like them and that can change people to. An actor or actress can change their look and it can even be a bad look and if someone’s child looks up to them the child might change their behavior. Hollywood really does have an impact on society even if it’s a good impact or a bad impact, and they will affect our children if we don’t do something about it.

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