The Effect of Genetic, Environmental and Cultural Factors on Learning

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The Effect of Genetic, Environmental and Cultural Factors on Learning

Over the centuries many theorists, biologists, psychologists and

socialists have theorized, experimented and offered explanations and

approaches of their own interpretation of learning and development,

based on many years of research. In addition, the argument of Nature

vs. Nurture is of paramount importance to their research, findings and


Before starting to analyse what factors affect learning and

development, I need to establish and define what learning and

development actually mean. Questions I have to ask myself when

researching this topic are as follows:

· What is learning and development?

· Are they interlinked?

· Do they have the same/separate meaning?

The answer in my own broad based opinion based on what I have read, is

that the term, “Learning” is a cognitive process of acquiring new

concepts and skills, in order to complete a task which in-turn

increase’s knowledge and understanding of the subject area to be

learnt. In addition, individuals will be able to build on past

experiences to identify how a situation could be improved, and then

with this knowledge make actual improvements.

Furthermore, learning is influenced from the environment in which we

find ourselves, which reflects greatly in our behaviour. Moreover, it

is continuum throughout the human life-span.

In comparison the term, “Development” refers to the biological process

by which a human organism grows and functions through its life-span.

Development can be monitored by physical growth, and a marked change

in performance which is usually associated with prog...

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Appendix 1 refers – Piaget’s stages of development.
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