The Effect of Exercise on Pulse Rate

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The Effect of Exercise on Pulse Rate

What is a Pulse

In Physiology, a pulse is where there is a recurring opening out of

the biggest blood vessels (Arteries). This is a consequence of a

coherent flow of blood being propel around the body. The muscle that

is responsible for this surge of blood is the Heart. I know that by

taking 220 and subtracting your age you can find your maximum pulse

rate, because your muscles rely on oxygen it is important that I

understand how oxygen is transported to the bodies cells. Oxygen is

picked up by haemoglobin which is contained by red blood cells. In the

lungs haemoglobin becomes ox haemoglobin and the via versa happens

when the oxygen is removed by the cells. Oxygen is also used in cell

metabolism as it is a reactant. Now I will explain a bit about cell


Cell Metabolism

Metabolism is a chemical process where chemical reactions take place

in the cells of a living organism, transforming energy, sustaining

there distinctiveness and duplicating. All life forms can only survive

because of many simultaneous and regulated metabolic reactions. Each

of these reactions is triggered and controlled by a particular cell

enzyme or catalyst.

Here is the formula for cell metabolism:

Glucose + Oxygen -----> Carbon Dioxide + Energy

Metabolic reactions are split up into two forms that are both

singularly recognisable, These are named anabolism and catabolism.

Anabolism, or constructive metabolism, is the process of synthesis

required for the growth of new cells and the maintenance of all

tissues. Catabolism, or destructive metabolism, is a continuous

process concerned with the production of the energy required for all

external and internal physical activity. Catabolism necessitates the

continuous continuation of a set body temperature, and the breaking

down of complex chemical units into simpler substances that can be

actively removed as waste products from the body through the Kidneys,

Intestines, Lungs and Skin.

When the anabolism process exceeds the catabolism process either

growth or weight gain occurs.
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