The Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate

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The Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate

Aim: In this investigation I am trying to find out if exercise have

any effects on the heart rate.

Prediction: For my prediction, I predict that as the amount of

exercises increases, the heart rate will increase too.

Background: More energy (Oxygen and glucose) is needed to pass to all

different kind of muscles as you do a certain amount of different

exercises, so more blood is needed to run in the circulatory system,

therefore the heart rate will go up.

Variables: The results can be affected by the following things, the

change of amount of exercises, the change of time for exercising and

resting, the change of temperature and the change of person and their


Input variables: The input variable will be the time of exercises.

Output variables: The output variable will be the results of heart


Fair test: To make this experiment a fair test, I will set out a table

for different times I'm testing on, only choose one exercise and use

the same person for the experiment all the way through.

Apparatus: In this experiment the apparatus I will be needed is a

stopwatch, a pulse watch and some steps (e.g. Stairs).

Method: 1) At the beginning of the experiment, we will take down the

pulse from the person who is experimenting and note it down.

2) Firstly we do the exercise we have chosen for 2 minutes, than we

take down the pulse rate and note it down while they are resting after

exercising. We do that 3 times.

3) We do the same for the other sets of minutes, 4 and 6 minutes, and

at the end of each set were all measured, we will calculate the

average and note it down into the table of results.

Safety: To make this investigation safe, we can not force the person

who is doing the experiment to do over-exercising, or to force some

one who has breathing problems to do long exercises.

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