The Effect of English Settlers on the Early American Environment

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The Effect of English Settlers on the Early American Environment English settlers before there arrival to the states the flora and fauna flourished here. Indians used the land to there advantage as well as to the lands advantage. When the Europeans first arrived they caused destruction to the land, which is the viewpoints of some historians. The Indians used the land and put back what they used or they used all of what they take. This is there way of life before the settlers even showed up the landscape was beautiful and the Indians view was that we don’t own it we just protect it. They also lived without money and used the barter system with fellow tribes. They completely relied on the land because that’s where everything came from that they used no material thing really it’s sad because I honestly think that the Indian way of life was a form of utopia. Think about little conflict only when it was necessary, no money, everything is own or shared by everyone. The settlers had a little bit of a different viewpoint they were having problems in Europe because there resources were getting scarce. So when they arrived at America they saw all the resources they could ever imagine so they simply took what they wanted and did what they wanted. That was simply there lifestyle and there is nothing more to it. In there eyes it was there’s for the taking and they gave no respect to the Indians because they just couldn’t understand there way of life and that’s that. They thought the Indians where stupid because they had all these resources and didn’t take advantage of it so the settlers thought it was there right to take what they wanted. Little did they know that they were destroying the beautiful landscape of America and just pushing the Indians west. The idea of property was simply the settler’s thought that it was all there’s and the Indians were the protectors of the earth. I think that if the Indian’s knew there fate that they would of fought back at the settlers. Unfortunately they fought back entirely to late and were insanely out numbered. It’s a shame that it was glorified that we found America when in all actuality we didn’t it was occupied for years by the Indians all we did was take over and conquest a group of people’s land that wasn’t ours but there’s and we just kept pushing them back

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