The Effect of Divorce on Children

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The Effects of Divorce on the Children

I decided to write on the effects of divorce on children because it touches home with not only me but for many children in the world today. Divorce can have a positive effect or it can have a negative effect on your children.In most case when the parents decide that there is no reconciliation but to separate they do not take into consideration the effect that it may have on the children. There is a sense of uncertainty and fear for the unknown circumstances and the children fear the outcome. They tend to blame themselves for the separation and the arguments of their parents. They also, develop resentment towards one of the parents and in some cases they resent them both because they do not know who to blame. The children are hurt and confused, they feel torn between both parents and they are overwhelmed with the thoughts of who will care for them.
Having divorced parents can have a positive effect if the parents agree to make the children their top priority even though they are separating. The children must be reassured that they are loved by both parents and that nothing is going to change as for as their activities except for the fact that they will have two homes instead of one. The trauma for children who face divorce is magnified because they do not know how to handle the unexpected. If there is more than one child involved, both children need to be approached differently and at separate times because they may respond to the divorce differently. It is very important to keep the children connected to both sides of the family, immediate and distant relatives so that they don’t feel like they have lost their entire family.
“Child Psychologists agree that keeping the strength of exte...

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...e. However, divorce does not have to result with a negative effect on your children; it could have a positive effect if you pay attention and make sure that the love from both parents, family and friends remains the same.

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Article “According to the US census bureau, fatherless homes account for 90% of homeless and runaway children, 85% of children with behavior problems, and 85% of youths in prison, 71% of high school dropouts, and 63% of youth suicides and over 50% of teen mothers.”
“Researchers have found that in most cases, children will adjust within three years.”
“Child Psychologists agree that keeping the strength of extended family intact will provide a good structure for the children. Having support from family and friends that were connected to both parents also provide comfort when face with difficult situations.”
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