The Effect and Solution of Gun Violence in the United States

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In recent events, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has brought issues relating to gun violence to residents of United States. In order to understand the causes of gun violence in the USA, a comparison of gun laws and rates on gun violence in Massachusetts and Mississippi are viewed, the possible solutions of gun violence are discussed, together with a comparison of gun violence in US and Canada. CONCLUSION SENTENCE
Gun violence, “may be defined as a category of violence and crime committed by the use of firearm” (Gun violence, 2013, para. #1). Gun violence can either result in physical or mental injury and death. Guns are owned by a large population in America. Most people own guns for protection or self- defence but a few obtain guns for illegal activities which can result in violence. Kleck (1998) suggests that, “When guns are used in violent crimes, it increases the like hood the crime will be completed…” (p 114). In comparison with other countries, US is ranked the 12th for death by fire arms in the world (Rapoza, 2012). Although it is not the leading country in the world the increase in gun violence in the US is causing grief and disappointments to the residents of America.
The major factor that generates gun violence is the availability of the gun to the person committing the crime. Gun violence is used mostly in criminal activities namely robbery, homicide and suicide. Although research proves that media and internet can also have an effect on gun violence.
Availability of a gun will increase the chance of a person using the gun in a criminal activity either for committing the crime, or for protection against the crime. “Gun availability greatly increases the risk of violent death in America because many acts of gu...

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