The Effect Violent Video Games on Kids

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There are claims that violent video games cause violence in kids but there are also people who say they don’t. The people who are in the pro side that are critics of violent video games claim that violent video games start school shootings and violence in youth. The people who are con side who defend violent video games say that violent video games do not cause violence in youth but instead provide a healthy opportunity for children to virtually explore war and violence without bringing it into the real world. So which is right even though I am in favor of one side they both have very compelling claims.
Both sides use different ways to persuade people mostly with facts that they tested or research other did. One way the con tried to persuade people get it stuck in their mind is by using repetition because they always use the phrase violent video games are violent and just keep on repeating it over and over until your annoyed and it gets stuck on your mind. The pro sides way to persuade people is by using facts and statistics because they always explain how what the pros say is bad about violent video games the always prove them wrong. They both have different ways to persuade you but both are good at it but the difference is that one always proves the other wrong.
Both sides use good examples to explain what they are saying. One good example the pro side used was that they said that “the FBI said that playing violent video games was in a list of behaviors associated with school shootings” which is a good example because they are trying to say that the FBI said it so it must be true. This example is good for them to use because the FBI said that school shootings and violent video games are associated. One example from the text t...

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...le argument and were always proving the other side wrong. The con side made a better essay because they used lots of facts and logical things instead of the pro side which used lots of emotional examples and lots of unproven researches. One good example that the con side caught my attention was when they said that “Video games allow youth to experiment with issues such as war, violence and death without real world consequences” because they basically said that kids can experience things without going to jail. I personally don’t think that violent video games cause violence in youth because if it did then there would be a lot more school shootings and more bulling but there isn’t. The con side made a better essay period because they were always contradicting what the other side said and that’s why I side with the con side.

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