The Effect Of Total Freshness Of Coffee

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Coffee, The Feeling of Total Freshness
Proshanta Lashkar
Every one of us has the habit of drinking. Some likes to drink tea, some juice or somebody likes to drink wine or something else. Most of us randomly drink tea as it is very cheap or easy to make. But if someone offers us to drink coffee, we may say- not bad. It is individual for its different taste and the power of bringing freshness. Most of the coffee lovers want to start their day drinking a cup of smoky coffee. If they don’t, everything seems to them boring or charmless. Therefore you want or not, coffee never forgets you. Its flavor and variety always enchants our mind for a demon love. So it achieves worldwide popularity.
The history of coffee goes at least as
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Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which helps the human body use insulin, regulating blood sugar levels and reducing your craving for sugary treats and snacks.
• Coffee helps you burn fat. Caffeine helps fat cells break down body fat and use it as fuel for training.
• Coffee helps you focus and stay alert. Moderate caffeine intake, 1-6 cups a day, helps you focus and improves your mental alertness.
• Coffee lowers risk of death. Studies have shown that coffee drinker’s overall risk of premature death is 25% lower than of those who don’t drink coffee.
• Coffee reduces risk of cancers. One study has shown that coffee may decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer in men by 20 %, and endometrial cancer in women by 25 %.
• Coffee reduces risk of stroke. Reasonable consumption of coffee (2–4 cups a day) is associated with lower risk of stroke.
• Coffee reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that regular coffee drinking decreases risk of Parkinson’s disease by 25 %. There’s evidence that coffee causes activity in the part of the brain affected by Parkinson’s.
• Coffee protects your body. Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants that work as little warriors fighting and protecting against free radicals within your
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Studies on coffee 's effect on a fetus have been controversial, but one thing is sure: if you drink coffee when pregnant, caffeine will also reach the fetus, and your baby is highly sensitive to caffeine.
• If you have high cholesterol please chooses filtered coffee. Coffee beans contain cafestol and kahweol, two ingredients that appear to raise LDL cholesterol levels.
• Coffee for kids, may increase bedwetting. One survey reported that caffeine consumption of 5-7 year old kids may increase enuresis a.k.a. bedwetting.
Should we except or reduce
For others, reasonable amounts (1-6 cups a day) coffee can be good for you. It can prevent serious diseases, boost your mind and muscles, and even help you with weight loss. Remember, as long as you drink toxin free, specialty and brew it with care, you can and should be enjoying it knowing it 's good for you.
On the other hand the nostalgic feeling of coffee in a rainy or winter morning may bring you a nostalgic feeling of romanticism. If you have the campus experience, you can’t forget some exciting moments with a cup of coffee when you were with your university friends who still not beside you. You can just recall the past with the smoky flavor of a cup of coffee. So coffee can always bring us the fresh
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