The Effect Of Interval Exercise On A High Intensity Session

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Following up on this study, a feasibility study was created in order to delve deeper into the feasibility of interval exercise in a high-intensity session. People within the age group of 12 to 18 years, and a BMI above the 95th percentile were scouted for a weight management program. Like the previous study subjects were separated into two different groups, one participating in high intensity exercise and the other aerobic exercise. Before and after the 12 week study, anthropometric data was recorded from all subjects participating and once again at the 4 week mark. Other measurements taken from participants included VO2max, VO2submax, as well as a biological impedance test to determine the body fat. Results proved to be fairly similar to the previous study conducted by the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine. However, this study provides some feedback from the group that participated in the high-intensity block, with majority of the subjects stating that they would likely continue the exercise regimen. While the previous study did show benefits regarding health factors as well as overall fitness ability, the perspective of the children participating in the study were not factored into the equation. Some limitations that should be noted is that though there were significant values obtained from the results, the sample size of the group was rather small consisting of only 30 and 18 participants respectively. Spontaneous Energy Expenditure Compensation-24 hour, is there spont? One of the most debated ideologies for combatting against childhood obesity is whether or not the intensity of the physical activity plays a significant role in weight loss. As it stands, obesity prevention strategies tend to promote physical activit... ... middle of paper ... ...his in turn will help to warrant future research in combatting obesity in adolescents by cutting out the root of the problem. Many of the research studies tended to have small sample sizes and while it is easier to maintain and control, it provides a small data pool that doesn’t allow for much variety. I personally do believe that a good amount of exercise is good for the body, but each person’s body is different. Some people are more capable of a high intensity workout while others have low stamina and are unable to immediately adopt such a vigourous regimen. For these people, I would recommend starting at a comfortable pace by consistently increasing the amount of physical activity into their daily lives. Of course, there are other factors that contribute to weight loss, it is important for an individual to maintain a good balance in both diet and exercise habits.

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