The Effect Of Divorce On Parents And Child

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Divorce overall can have a big impact on both parents and child. A parent’s attitude about it is to try to make it work for the sake of the family. Similarly, the child’s attitude towards it is to have the parents resolve whatever problem they have in order to keep to the peace and have that “perfect family” they long for. The type study was a sequential research (empirical study). The importance of this study is to examine the effect that divorce can have on children, which came from families of married couples. This inspired researcher to hypothesized that parents who were married were likely to have more of an effect on the children when they divorced than parents that were divorced already; parents of the child’s parent who has sustained a marriage were expected to rate the effect of divorce more so than the parents’ of those whose marriage did not work out; and, parents who initiated their divorce witnessed less negative effects than parents who didn’t participate in their divorce (Moon, 2011). And all three hypotheses were supported according to the literature of divorce.
While researching the findings of the adjustments in children of families who are divorced or remarried, they indicate that are a few agreements when it comes down to the amount of time, and the effects the problem has on the child when it comes to parents transitioning in the marriage that impacts these findings. There were some findings that negatively impacted it also, like methodologies, analytic approaches and different samples and such. According to research this can even influence an individual to invest their self-interest in the impact of divorce on kids, which can have a positive impact in order to boost one’s ego so that the person can have a st...

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...ave on those who had divorced. Lastly, the parents who were the ones who instigated the divorce, stated that there was less of a negative effect than the parents of those who did not instigate the divorce.
As mentioned by researcher, reports showed that the findings found in this study also has effects due to the applied and clinical reports. Most importantly, report showed that the history of divorce and one’s personal choice of divorce are revealed based on parent’s views (Moon, 2011). The process of court custody and other related things after the divorce, has also been affected by the personal divorce and by the family history of the person who is providing guidance for the family. Overall, the child’s being should very well be considered after they have endured the whole process of divorce and not how the parents feel in order to reduce the negative effects.
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