The Education Problem Of Education

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The Education Problem Education is crucial to society, providing everyone with basic to complex information on just about everything we need to know in life; however, spending 18 to 20 to 22 years in education (or sometimes even more than that) prior to starting our official lives on our own is poor use of over a fourth of our lives, especially when students receive unnecessary education that could easily be condensed into more work over less years, or even just cut out. Getting a head start in life is one of the best help a young person can receive, allowing them to begin their life earlier and climb the ranks of their adult life years earlier. For more advanced and mature students, school often becomes more of a burden than a learning experience, and offering opportunities of early graduation to these students would prove incredibly beneficial. Early graduation offers many opportunities for students who are more advanced who find that school is no longer academically challenging, allowing them to begin the next step of their lives early and continue to pursue higher academic goals. (Bloomberg) However, while this is extremely helpful for mature students, it has shown to “ruin social lives” of students who are so used to school being the basis of their daily lives. These students struggle without the support of their friends being there every day, and those friends will still be left behind in high school when the student leaves early for college. This struggle is understandable, but it proves that while early graduation would be a positive experience for some students, it is certainly not for all. While some students are more advanced academically than others, not all are as mature socially and would struggle with an adu... ... middle of paper ... of their lives in education, so it needs to be shortened or reformed significantly. Students do not learn what is more crucial to their lives in the future than just preparing for college, especially when college isn 't a plan for the future for many. School shouldn 't be something that students dread every day. Students learn better when they are more engaged in what they are learning and understand how what they learn applies to their lives in the future. High schools are not obsolete, but they are lagging behind, stuck in a system developed a hundred years ago, simply preparing students with basic knowledge of everything and tossing them out to work on the same thing more. High schools need to be reformed significantly, otherwise they are just going to turn into a nuisance that every child has to go through that won 't actually provide benefits to their futures.

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