The Education Context For My Edp3333 Professional Placement

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The education context for my EDP3333 professional placement was a Year prep, one, two composite class in a small state primary school. This class is one of three multi-level classes in a school of 71 students (33 girls and 38 boys). The students who come to this school are generally from low socio-economic backgrounds, and include students with disabilities, English as a Second Language, Indigenous students (12 students) and Children in Care. The prep, one, two class has eight prep students, six Year one students and two Year two students (six girls and ten boys). The variance of intellectual ability within this class is significant with students’ capability ranging from below prep level to Year three level and includes students with special / complex needs. Catering for the diverse learning needs in this classroom and ensuring that all students engaged in learning required careful consideration. During my placement I observed differentiation to the learning content, process, products as well as the learning environment. All the students in this class, regardless of year level, work towards the same learning objectives for Science, History, Geography and English. In these subjects the different levels of student engagement and ability are catered for by varying the amount of one on one support provided for individual students. Students who are of higher ability were required to produce more work at a more complex level. Higher ability students were also given the option of working on learning Apps on the IPads when they had completed their work. The use of ICT was implemented during literacy blocks to enable all students to work at a level that matched their ability. Differentiation is also achieved through movement of... ... middle of paper ... ...t and wear reading glasses but do not need any additional adjustments to be made. The classroom environment needs to be adapted to ensure that it is a calm, safe learning space (Hughes & McIntyre, 2016). This is important for all students but particularly for Students A and B who display challenging behaviours and Students F and O who are diagnosed with ASD. During my professional placement I observed that when there were frequent interruptions or high noise levels it had a negative impact on student engagement and behaviour and consequently student learning. Student F can become distressed when the classroom was overly noisy. Due to the ongoing behaviour issues and complex needs of the students in this class it was imperative to follow classroom routines and maintain consistent behaviour standards to ensure that all students feel safe and engage in learning.

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