The Economy, Environment And Energy

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The three E’s: the economy, environment and energy are interrelated; therefore all three must be addressed and neither one is more crucial than the other. A major issue of the American economy is that it is built on both national and increasingly personal debt (Bennett, 05/02/2015). The national economy has failed to save and with exponential money, the majority of Americans are in debt. This economic crisis is caused by the dominant culture that heavily values growth in the national economy, and uses Growth Domestic Product (GDP) as the measurement of the overall wellbeing of the nation (Dietz & O’Neil, 2013). In order to keep the economy growing, there is a misuse of energy including, peak oil and extraction of natural resources despite environmental costs that create massive pollution (Bennett, 05/02/2015). The process of finding cheap oil to keep the economy growing has caused the environment to collapse that lead to food and water scarcity, pollution and climate change (Bennett, 05/02/2015). This memo will focus on the issue of global consumer economy, which is built on the foundation of consumerism (Dietz & O’Neil, 2013). The average Americans’ consumption behaviour has led to a financial crisis. More importantly, an economy built on consumerism is simply unsustainable, and will lead to unsolvable environmental crisis in the world (Dietz & O’Neil, 2013). To solve the current crisis, there must be a shift from using the GDP as the main measure of the economy and wellbeing of the people to an alternative method that includes the social and spiritual aspects of individuals (Dietz & O’Neil, 2013). Implementing policies that target the consumerist culture is challenging, due to the corruption in the political system. According... ... middle of paper ... ...t, rather than focusing on the Daily Me (Bennett, 06/02/2015). Rather than being spun by the media that encourage consumerism, it can be effective if the media spin the other way, and promote individuals to value other activities beside consumerism. If public relations and the media can create enough awareness on environmental issues, and the problem with dependency corruption, this can create a movement that challenges the status quo. This will crack down the corruption in the political system, and bring politicians to reset their agenda that focus on the public’s interests. Furthermore, public relations can also increase awareness of using alternative measures to measure success. This will allow people to rethink GDP as the main measurement, and create a demand for adding social wellbeing, happiness, health and environmental sustainability as measures of success.
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