The Economic Superstructure of Metropolis

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Of all political philosophies conceived, Communism has had some of the most controversial events in human history come as an effect of this belief. Originally conceived by Karl Marx, nineteenth century political analyst who originally brought the ideas of communism into fruition. At the core of our human nature, Marx believed that we strive to create, and therefore enjoy labor if they find meaning in their jobs. However, Marx found that in our current capitalist system, there are few meaningful jobs, especially jobs for the lower classes. Also, Marx observed that there is a great divide in the lifestyles of the upper class and the lower class, which leads oppression from the upper class directed to the lower classes.Therefore, Marx felt that our current capitalist system would surely fail and make way for a communist revolution. To summarize, Marx believed that the steps to attain this perfect society must follow start with a system filled with meaningless work, until a violent revolution is incited at the hands of the working class, and the revolution would end with the classes, both upper and working, working a system which harmonizes all workers. This ideal system Marx predicted is the basis of the ideal communist society, in which he labor of both people are equal. Many have sacrificed much for the sake of this ideal since the foundation of his philosophy, and a version of this revolution can be seen in the Fritz Lang silent film Metropolis. This groundbreaking 1927 silent film demonstrates a futuristic utopia with a great class divide, and how a great revolution seeks to destroy this gap and create a true metropolis.
Marx observed in his theory of revolution that this fall of capitalism will fall at the hands of the working...

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... of the machines rather human beings.
With terrible working conditions, meaningless labor, and work dominated life, In Marx’s eye, revolution would be inevitable. In a shift to communism, Marx envisioned a revolution in which the working classes overthrow their oppressive laborers. Marx knew such a revolution would bring way for much destruction and chaos. Marx concluded that this revolutio, when fully ignited, would become an unstoppable force, making way for communism. In Metropolis, the revolution, at first, starts out peaceful, being halted by the peaceful Maria. Maria is a girl who tell the workers of Metropolis to be patience, as she has foreseen the coming of “the mediator”; one who is foretold to become the bridge between the mind and hand of metropolis. Though peaceful thoughts are destroyed when MAria is kidnapped and replaced with an android doppelganger.
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