The Economic Rise of China

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The economic rise of China during the past few years has had the greatest influence on my thinking, especially in respect to economics, finance, my personal values and social responsibility.

I was born in Shanghai in the early 1980s when China’s economic reform just began and the nation opened its doors to the outside world. I can still recall the relatively low living standards during my childhood: televisions and vehicles were rare; people seldom dined out; a majority of commuters were on bicycles – there were no subways or highways, even in the biggest city in China. However, since then, the national economy started to bloom, along with the modernization of agriculture, industry, science and technology. From the first underground subway line to the first stock traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, I witnessed tremendous economic advancement while living in Shanghai. Meanwhile, people seemed to get increasingly enthusiastic about making more money, from starting up businesses to trading stocks. Back then, I believed that economic growth only meant a more comfortable life and a more developed society. In high school, I began to pay attention to some economic indicators, such as GDP, as well as the stock market in order to keep up-to-date on the progression of people’s living standards nationwide along with the growth in our wealth.

Since I moved to the U.S. after college, I have been keeping a close watch on my home country through both the Chinese and Western media, such as Xinhua News and Bloomberg. The growth appeared to be even more rapid with close to double digit GDP increases during the past few years. However, while a lot of people were getting wealthier, more and more social problems, such as environmental pol...

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...nal values, I became more dedicated to my community. As a tutor at, a non-profit education organization, not only do I work one-on-one with students that need assistance with various subjects, like math and economics, but I also collaborate with other online tutors for solutions to students’ questions. Additionally, I have been serving as a volunteer for Asbury at Drexel to help prepare meals for home-bound persons living with life-threatening illnesses. I felt a deep sense of inner gratitude as I directly witnessed the positive impact of my endeavors on others and my community.

Over the long term, I would like to integrate my thinking into my career and future ventures to encourage greater social consciousness and more ethical endeavors in China. Through these efforts, I am hoping to live my utmost personal value by yielding social impact.
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