The Eastern Shore of Virginia

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The Eastern Shore of Virginia, a peninsula located east of mainland Virginia, not noticed on many maps. The Eastern Shore has grown in the past year, putting up new shops and fast food restaurants. There are some interesting town names such as Temperanceville, Exmore, or Accomac. The name Temperanceville was brought by Christians who burned the four bars on the corners of Saxis road and Lankford highway. A new road was made named Temperanceville road. Temperance means no alcohol and that’s why the Christians burned the bars. Interesting stories are found all across the eastern shore.
In the past few years many shops and stores have been built. These stores have provided many citizens of the shore less traveling miles on their cars and less troubles of finding what they need. Food Lion in Oak Hall has made many people happy because now they don’t have to go to Exmore, Onancock, or Princess Anne to get all their shopping needs. There are landmarks that people talk about it New York, like T’s Corner for example. T’s Corner is going 69 years in the summer of 2005 and is the Eastern Shore’s first cigarette outlet. A Sonic’s America Drive In® was recently built and has its best business ever in its first month. The shore is becoming more industrialized as Verizon® DSL spreads across the shore.
The shore has many unique smells like low tide, marsh mud, Perdue, Tyson’s, the Clam Factory, and Saxis which many tourist take for granted. On Chincoteague Island, the best time to go is at low tide because all of the tourists are trying to avoid it. Many recreational activities can be done on the island like going to the beach, going put-put golfing, watching a movie at the Island Roxy, or getting your hair cut at Barber Bob’s.
Chicken houses found up and down the shore make it feel like home, because it makes the shore unique from the city.
Many great schools are found on the shore like Arcadia High and Middle, Chincoteague Combined, and Nandua High and Middle. Not many high schools across America teach the college class Botany. Botany is only taught at Arcadia High School on the shore.
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