The Early Years Learning Framework For Australia Emphasis

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The early years learning framework for Australia emphasis is on play-based learning through the development of communication, language, and social and emotional development (DEEWR, 2009). This links to the hands-on experience as the child was involved in a play-based experiment that involved communication, language and social and emotional development. The child posed and answered questions about the helicopter by making predictions and analysing observations. The child engaged in social and emotional development by participating and being socially active with others such as the educator and his mother. The child also expressed emotion through ideas, facial expressions, body movement and being motivation before, during, and after the experience. By the child participating in the helicopter experience this enabled him to develop an interests, construct his own identity, and begin to understand the world around him through the process of belonging, becoming and being (DEEWR, 2009). Engaging in the helicopter experience enabled the child to become a successful learner, confident, and creative individual and develop vital skills, knowledge, and dispositions towards learning (DEEWR, 2009). Most importantly, the learning experience allowed the child to feel connected, safe, secure, supported and able to develop a sense of belonging and self identity towards exploring and learning new scientific concepts. Aims • Explain what affect the paper helicopter to fall through the air faster and slower. • Observe and identify the variables that are changed, what is kept the same to cause a different affect. • Identify the changes in different helicopters. • Identify what happens when weight is added to the helicopter. • What causes the helicop... ... middle of paper ... ... This identified the difference in falling speed resulting in the push and pull affect. At first, the child was sure there would be no difference in the falling time between the two helicopters. However, the child began to learn and understand the difference between the two helicopters when weight was added. The child learned that the wind has an affect on the helicopters falling causing it to fall left, right and upside-down. The child also learned that when testing two helicopters with the same weight it will land at the same time and when there was a change by adding an extra paperclip to one of the helicopters, there was a different outcome in the speed and the fall. Each testing of the helicopter, the child would count as the helicopter was falling. This showed that the child was thinking about his predictions to see if they were correct against his observation.
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