The Early Empires of Southwest Asia

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Humanity found it’s footing in the fertile land area in Southwest Asia known as Mesopotamia. From this subtle piece of land came arising empires that held control over thousands of years. These civilizations managed to slowly develop into complex, highly efficient societies. Only by creating well thought out, organized, and maintained governments could these cities have flourished. Flowing through time, every ruler of every empire left a lasting effect on humanity’s development, from Assyria to Egypt to Persia. As with any newly formed society, the ruling sovereign decides on the set up of their government, as it’s the foundation of any civilization. Assyria, Egypt, and Persia all chose to form absolute monarchies. This meant that everyone under the control of these empires answered to the king or ruler. These rulers also chose to establish bureaucracies that managed all of the citizens of the kingdom and answered to them. The choice of having a monarchy meant that other people within the kingdoms had little to no opportunity to become a ruler or to become involved in the government ...

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