The E-Myth

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The E-Myth Throughout the reading of the E-myth, I found countless insights and concepts on entrepreneurship and small business management worthy of application to my situation. Currently, I am the Vice President of Internet Technology for the Association for Systems Management here at BYU. So many points in the book, if properly applied, will help me this semester as I carry out my duties. Throughout the majority of this paper I will discuss many of these concepts, and apply them to my current position and responsibilities. Throughout my experience in the past two years with the Association for Systems Management, the web team has not been as effective as it could have been or needed to be. When I joined the ASM, I immediately became involved on the web team. I attended the unorganized, sparsely attended meetings and helped out as much as I could. It always seemed to me that the team lacked organization and leadership. The site needed work, and the team was not structured to fulfill this purpose. So, last December I ran for the office of webmaster and won. I had high goals and aspirations. I was going to organize a team that would get things done. I would make the site what others could not. As things often do, my responsibilities piled up, I found myself overwhelmed with work, school, and family duties. As time passed, I found myself scrambling to get the ASM site working smoothly. I tried to organize a web team and actually had a good turnout for a few weeks, but I failed to provide the structure and leadership to motivate my team to work hard and deliver on their responsibilities. I ended up doing all of the work myself. I spent long hours programming and debugging the site to meet deadlines. I worked hard -- really hard at being a Technician. In the E-myth, I learned a great principle -- the principle of the Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician. I learned that last year, as I struggled to organize the web team, I was not being anyone but the Technician. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I would not let go of the Technician's duties and take on another role. Additionally, because I was doing all of the work myself, I lost joy in the very interest that made me seek out the position.
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