The Dystopian Novel 1984 By George Orwell

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Imagine the world where the government has total control over you and your family, where nothing is private, where you have no rights, no memory, no pleasure, no joy… This is the world that George Orwell portrays in his dystopian novel “1984”. But why did Orwell decided to write this book? What is he trying to say and which techniques does he use to get the message across? In my second responding to text, I am going to introduce you my opinion on these questions with some evidence from the text. In 1949, when he was writing his novel, Orwell became a witness of all of the cruelties happening around the world. He observed totalitarianism and despotism prevailing in Germany and Russia. What he saw and experienced had a big influence on his…show more content…
The book is quite long and complicated, but the message is simple: Do not repeat mistakes of the past, otherwise your future will look like this [like in the novel]. George Orwell wants the message to stand out very clearly. He repeats many times about totalitarianism and its terrific consequences. The example would be "Big Brother is always watching you" (Pg. 4), which describes the lack of personal space and pivicy in such society since government knows everything about you including what you're saying and even what you're thinking! Another good example is "This [to open a diary] was not illegal (nothing was illegal since there were no longer any laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death..." (Pg. 8) This sentence shows two bad things about totalitarianism at a time. First one is that the punishments are very strict and the most…show more content…
He was afraid of the things he had to go through to happen again, so Orwell decided to write a dystopian novel that would make people think of their future and would inspire them to do their best to not let this fiction world come true. Beside of telling the message directly in the reader’s face, he also tells it via characters, vocabulary, and descriptions of weather and surroundings. I could clearly understand the message and its importance for the whole humanity. I believe this book had an influence on my worldview and maybe on my future decisions as

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