The Dust Bowl: Book Review: Escape From North Korea

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Dust, dust, dust. That was the life of many people from 1935-1950 who lived in the Midwest This event changed the lives of many people: dust, dust, dust. The video “Dust Bowl” and the article “Escape From North Korea” have much in common. The dust bowl video was about how terrible life was at that time and what people who lived there said: it was so terrible it was impossible to describe. In the article “Escape from North Korea” was about a story of a family and what they faced trying to win their freedom. In contrast a different problem arises. Child poverty is a current issue about why people remain poor and how tough it to remain poor. It also included what people do to help. Nature will always prevail because it is the most difficult challenge…show more content…
When it came, it took people by surprise they didn't know what hit them. Living in the dust bowl was difficult because if any skin was showing it would get blisters. In Korea even though it is terrible, it is not as awful you can move freely and there are ways to escape. Child in poverty is also terrible; they choose to drop out. One reason the dust bowl was terrible is that it lasted ten years long said the “Dust Bowl video”. Ultimately most animals in that area that could not find shelter died. The food ran low because most animals died; because either the animals ran out of food or their wounds from the dust became infected. The people were forced to leave family and their lifestyle to start a new life with nothing else is a great task. You may argue that this happened in Korea, but they still had money that was made in the old life which could be converted into new money, according to the author of Escaping North Korea . Along with the fact that people didn't have cars they were left with only what they had and were stuck. This is one reason that the is worse than both the

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