The Drones And Its Effects On The United States

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As humans increase technology, they are putting everyone to danger and risk. Creating drones have been a huge, helpful and a dangerous step towards society and technology. The drones that humans create to use for war, also create terrorists and more threats towards the United States. The issue between drones and pilots is that the United States is starting to use more and more drones and cancel out the use of manned aircraft. The reason behind that is the U.S wants to decrease the amount of casualties and increase the amount of missions and targets that are a success. Ever since 2000, the usage of drones have increased, but has not eliminated the use of manned aircraft because the U.S has not come up with a solution to program the drones to do only one specific thing, they are still working out the bugs in the drones. The costs of drones are outrageous, but they propose a solution to human casualties and aerial warfare. To build the drones it costs approximately 2.9 billion dollars for all the new advanced technology, weapons, cameras and with the range in which they can take pictures. It costs anywhere in between $25,000 to $30,000 an hour for the military to supply fuel to the drones. The usage of drones is more safe than the usage of pilots because the drones have a less chance of being detected while flying through the air with how fast and low they fly. Whenever the military sends a drone over an area to capture pictures of any enemies or scouting out the area, it takes several pictures using the wide spread of over 3 to 4 miles and then it flies back to base. If the drone is detected, it is harder for the enemy to destroy it because they fly faster and can maneuver around buildings and areas better than a manned aircraft.... ... middle of paper ... ... precise on hitting the intended target, but that does not mean that drones don 't kill civilians, they are just less likely to kill civilians than manned aircraft. Although drones cost a lot of money to build and to be able to fuel them and keep them in the air, they are going to make our country safer, protect more soldiers ' lives, and help end wars. These drones have much work that needs to be done to them, but they are slowly but surely advancing into modern day and becoming the next big thing. The biggest thing that needs to be done to help advance these drones onto the next level, is training pilots better on how to fly and control them and keep control of them. It’s different flying a real airplane verse a drone behind a computer screen, it’s a lot more difficult. It has come to a conclusion and down to facts that drones will be the future of aerial warfare.
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