The Drill Instructor

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Drex stood on the artillery practical course along side two other men attempting to train in the speciality, the drill instructor was the same man as before Sargent Dirk Canning, who surprised Drex with his new relaxed attitude. “Today will be a good day, a stress free day” he said in a warm and lofty tone. He leaned against what Drex assumed would be today's assignment. “I have had a stream of failing soldiers com through here, needles to say its taken a toll on my stress level”. He smiled eerily at them. “The medical staff has me on, well, we'll call them happy pills, for the anger you louts have caused me”. He stepped forward and clapped his hands making all three men jump. “I'm prattling on, we have training to do, this is the Chimera heavy weapons platform, a true beast” He patted the overly large turret. “You will be happy to know you can spray away as it uses a hydrogen cooling system to prevent overheating, among other specifications which are its amazing firing rate of three thousand rounds per minute and its astounding range of fifteenth hundred meters!”. Drex observed the beautiful piece of hardware and for the first tie in his military career, counted himself privileged to be in the presence of a weapon. The Sargent's bright disposition helped this issue of course, last time he had been nowhere near as friendly, Drexhel smiled, today was shaping up to be a good one. Dirk had been standing idle for a decent five minutes now and the trainees were becoming anxious, snapping out of his daze Dirks attention returned to his instructing, abruptly he burst into speech. “Today I am feeling generous, so I will give a brief demonstration of how this fine machine works” he seemed to be spacing... ... middle of paper ... ...on his head. “Get the hell of my course! Move, move move!”. The terrified Private took a sprint away from the furious Drill instructor. “Drex I have no more patience for failure, get up there and do it right or I'll have you doing squats till your ass falls off!”. Startled by the redirected anger Drex stumbled forward to the Chimera, climbing up he took the trigger once more, breathing deeply he closed his eyes. “Get a dam move on!” Roared Canning. Drex let rip, three rapid bursts, he didn't even look to see if they had landed, he scuttled down and stood in front of canning. A few minutes passed as he scanned the target range, he turned to Drex. “Grazed the side, luck in my book but a pass none the less, get out of here your done for the day”. Drex sighed in relief and walked away his ankles still weak in fear if Sargent Dirk Cannings wrath.

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