The Dream of Gold - Personal Narrative

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The Dream of Gold - Personal Narrative As I dart through "the desert" in the last game of the day, with only a few balls left in my hopper, I can feel the air of crossfire speeding by my body. I dive to the ground, see my opponent and shoot, I cover him in paint, hes out of the game! Paintballing one of the more challenging, stratigic and fun games should definetly be adoped by the Olympics, and will be if people promote the sport. Although it would be an extremely hard process, competing for the glory of gold would be worth every little bit of effort. Paintballing is often reffered to a violent and just a game, but the right funding and if people are shown that all safety percautions have been taken then they would relise the seriousness of the sport and would adopt it to the Olympics. Adoption of paintball to the Olymipcs would mean more people are happy and proud of this sport. It would also provide more viewing variety for people watching the Olympics. With time and effort and a dream paintballing will be seen in the Olimpics in the near future. Like most people, I've been paying attenition to what's been going on; who's who, what's what, etc. Then, the other night I had I dream: I was with my team (Team Liquid Canada) and we were competing in the Olympics! Could you imagine how great that would be? Instead of being Team Liquid; we were Team Canada! Just imagine yourself in that position; Team USA, Team Brazil, etc.,all competing for the glory of Gold. Realistically, will that ever happen? The potential is certainly there, but, we as an international Paintball community must come together. Paintball is obviously strong in the USA, but no matter how organized one country is, without the active participation of other countries, the dream of paintball in the Olympics will never be realized. As well, with the many dfferent tournament promoters, each with different corporate goals, it may prove difficult to have the
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