The Dream Of The Rood Poem Analysis

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Hundreds does not even begin to describe the amount of times the Bible has been translated. Would it shock you to hear that every person that indulges in reading the scripture that God has gifted us with has a different opinion? If that shocks you, you would probably be astonished to hear that we all have different opinions about the crucifixion as well. When you sit a billion different people in one room you are bound to receive a billion different opinions.The poem “The Dream of the Rood” is a poem that I recently read for English; the poet gives their thoughts about what happened during Christ’s crucifixion .They start out by referring to the poem as a dream that Christ appears in and talks about the crucifixion. The Bible is known…show more content…
Yet dared I not work harm to any of them. They mocked us both together” (page 3) This line probably hit the core of my feelings. In scripture it does say that Christ was pierced with nails through his hands and feet. I have repeatedly read about the crucifixion and I still cannot imagine why or how anyone could torture Christ the way that he was tortured. The last sentence “They mocked us both together” makes it seem as though the poet was on the cross with Christ. Can you imagine watching Christ being crucified? To have to sit there and watch him in agonizing pain for you? Although the individuals that did this to him did not know exactly who they were torturing, it was still brutal. Even more so, can you imagine him doing all of this and praying to God “forgive them for they know not what they do” . Jesus could have easily said “God I do not want to do this” he could have brought his wrath upon the soldiers that took him, or Judas who gave him the kiss upon the cheek to signal that he was who they wanted; but Christ is so awesome and he loves us all so much that he went through all of the torture so we could have a spot next to him in
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