The Downside of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Although having seeds that can thrive in extreme environments may sound like a good idea, the side effects may change one’s opinion. GMO’s aren’t as good as they seem because they may contain a high level of allergens, they have killed and deformed some test subjects, and they haven’t had as strict tests as they should. Because these products do not have a designated label explaining what they contain, a high level of allergens can cause serious problems with some people when they ingest them unknowingly. Many problems have been reported when scientists test these genetically modified foods on animals; everything from death to disfiguration was reported. Lastly, these products have few reports of testing and when tested, they’re tested as if they were a regular food and aren’t checked for many different problems. Genetically modified organisms have a greater number of bad issues than the good ones they claim.

From the few tests of genetically modified organisms, some have shown an extreme increase in the amount of allergens contained in these foods. Several sources have reported up to a seven times increase in the amount of allergens in a cooked genetically modified food compared to the original crop of the organism. Cooked GM Soy is an example of a high allergen containing food. This does not only hurt the organisms, but it has the capability to harm the general public when consuming these foods unknowingly. When the genetically modified soy was introduced into the United Kingdom, the number of soy allergies soared (Smith). They had risen over 50% since the introduction of the GMO. In the UK, farmers cannot even get insurance on their crops because the insurance companies have concluded that they can harm the consumer (Farmers)...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that gmo's aren't as good as they seem because they contain a high level of allergens, they have killed and deformed some test subjects, and they're not checked for many different problems.
  • Explains that genetically modified foods have a protein that has been changed to give the desired effects. cooked gm soy is an example of high allergen containing food.
  • Explains how animals of all sizes began to change genetically after being exposed to the new organisms. rats and mice were shown to have a decrease in the size of their offspring after feeding off of the gmo.
  • Opines that the dangers of genetically modified organisms increase when the products are not labeled or tested properly.
  • Explains that gmo's contain an extraordinarily high amount of allergens, which can be a serious risk to many people allergic to them. they can also deform and stunt the growth of offspring.
  • Cites crenshaw, w. s. and pushztai, arpad. "genetically modified foods: are they a risk to human/animal health?
  • Analyzes smith's "in praise of the non-gmo project." institute for responsible technology. the herald.
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