The Downfall Of Othello

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The Downfall of Othello
(Intro Paragraph) Isolation, by definition, is the act of being separated from the mainstream society. In William Shakespeare’s Othello, Othello, the protagonist, is isolated from the rest of Venetian society due to racism. Racism is a common factor throughout the dialogue of the play, as almost all characters have directed racial slurs towards Othello. Iago, the antagonist, is able to take advantage of Othello’s insecurities and vulnerabilities about his race and convince him of Desdemona’s infidelity. Othello’s insecurity regarding his race is the tragic flaw that causes his downfall, killing both himself and his beloved wife.

(How Others Portray Othello) In Othello’s society, external factors that portrays his
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Othello’s achievements and his status as an outside makes him become obsessed with his reputation and status. When others questions him, he starts to wonder if the cause is his race. After Iago’s manipulation, he finally believed his wife’s infidelity, it triggers him to a point that he must kill her in order to get his good former reputation back. He felt Desdemona’s “affair” have damaged his good reputation because Othello wants to be seen as a honourable nobleman not a useless black man. he describes his “name” and reputation “that was as fresh as Dian’s visage” (III, III, 283-385) turn to “black” just as his “own face”. Othello felt his name and good reputation is “begrimed” because his wife cheated on him. He compared his great quality is now as black as his face . Othello ends up killing his wife as he believed her indelty has damaged his reputation. Othello can not stand any factors that influence his character, so he will destroy anything in his way to maintain a good…show more content…
As the play progresses, the tragic hero, Othello is transformed from a noble gentleman and a loving husband into an insecure, irrational murderer. At the beginning of the play, Othello is seen as a hero and a “well-respected soldier” ( ). When Brabantio tries to confront him for marrying Desdemona, Othello confidently lists his military services which he believes “shall out-tongue Brabantio's complaint” (I, II,19). Evidently, Othello is not a Venetian native. So, within his inner heart, he is fully aware of being a culturally different outsider from the rest of the Venetians. Othello is aware that Brabantio does not want his daughter to marry a black man. He knows that others, including his wife, may deceive him because of his race, although he tries to hide it first (quote??). As a result, in Act IV, he makes his first negative comment and considers himself as “a toad living in a dungeon” ( ). As the play comes to an end, under Iago’s continuous manipulation and suggestions about his wife cheating on him, Othello starts to slowly reveal his insecure personality. When he hears that his wife is cheating on him, Othello slowly ends up believing it. He gradually starts to question if it is his dark skin that causes his wife’s infidelity. His insecurities surfaced, now convinced of his inferiority as a black man, Othello likens his
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