The Door of Fears

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The house was quiet and peaceful on a pebbled street, the moving trucks pulled up as Clara followed. She stepped out of her car and looked at the house thinking of how this is a fresh start in her life. “Its perfect” she said with a smile on her face. As the movers pushed open the trailer door Clara walked through the white picket fence gate on to the pebbled path and felt the feeling that she was safe, she whispered to herself “Home”. She stepped of the porch into the house to help the movers by telling them where she wanted the furniture to go. When she stepped into the kitchen she stopped in fright, out of the corner of her eye she swore she saw a human shaped shadow. When she looked over it was gone and a trash can stood in its place. She got her self together walked to the car and grabbed the box full of china that her grandma gave to her on her 16th birthday. She walked across the dining room and sat the box on the table. As she was pulling a teacup out there was a knock at the door. She put down the cup and maneuvered around the movers and and was greeted by a man dressed in a red dress shirt black pants, and fire red hair. he looked at her with a sinister smirk and said “welcome to the neighbourhood”. As she was about to say thank you she dropped her key, when she picked it up he had disappeared. Clara looked around the house to try to find him, while doing this she found a shiny object in the vine that grows up the side of her house it was about 10 feet up. She went to the garage and grabbed the ladder and sat it on the side of the house and climbed up slowly as the ladder steps creaked under her feet. When she got to the object she noticed that it was a little rusty box tangled in the vines, she pried the box from the t... ... middle of paper ... ...her ghost rose up and began ripping her apart finger by finger toe by toe and limb by limb till all that was left was a key and a drop of blood. Clara awoke in the dark room with the key in her hand. She sat up and scanned the room for anything or anybody but when she turned around to look behind her there was a door. She slowly stood up as if she were trying not to make a sound she stood there a while and observed the door noticing its every scratch and paint chip. With caution she slowly walked up to the door and grabbed the knob. Clara tried to turn it but she could not. She got down on her knees and looked to see if there was something that she was missing. She Noticed a small opening under the knob and looked at the key and put in the lock, turned it and heard the click. She took the key out of the lock and turned the door knob hesitantly and opened the door.
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