The Domino Theory Lead To The Development Of The Domino Theory

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The Domino Theory
Since the rise of communism, the United States has been at odds with the idea of the communist system. Americans feared that nations such as China, Russia and other eastern European countries that embraced communist ideals would attempt to influence other countries economically and militarily. These fears, suspicions and negative attitude towards communism lead to the development of the Domino Theory; A “domino effect suggests that some change, small in itself, will cause a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence, by analogy to a falling row of dominoes standing on end” ("Domino Theory." Martin Frost's Former Web Site). This theory predicted that, like dominos, nations would fall to communism in a domino-like chain reaction. The Domino Theory influenced the public relations of the U.S,, dominated America's decision to become involved in the Vietnam War, and was ultimately proved to be a false theory.
During the Cold War, the period following WWII, the United States felt that it was necessary to take action to guard Europe, Asia and America against the spread of communism. “Indochina important tool in this” (Smith). Fearing that Southeast Asia, consisting of many small nations bordering China would fall victim to its military aggression, the United States began sending soldiers and armaments to assist the anti-communist South Vietnamese government. North Vietnam had already adopted communism (Smith).
For over two decades, the Domino Theory influenced the global foreign policies of the United States The “Domino Theory was an important influence on US foreign policy towards Indochina during the Cold War” (Smith). The earliest concept of co...

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...ightened, enabled this theory to dictate the attitudes of the United States and its foreign policies. America’s participation in the Vietnam War was in response to the Domino Theory. The Domino Theory failed to consider the integrity of the North Vietnamese. The Board of National Estimates stated; “We do not believe that the loss of South Vietnam and Laos would be followed by the rapid, successive communization of the other states of the Far East...It is likely that no nation in the area would quickly succumb to Communism as a result of the fall of Laos and South Vietnam” (“The Domino Theory”). The significance of the Domino Theory ultimately presented the sensitive conflict between Democracy and Communism. Essentially, the Domino Theory was a knee-jerk reaction, was the reason for the United States entering Vietnam, but it was not a justification for war.
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