The Dominance of Dictatorship

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines dictatorship as, “rule, control, or leadership by one person with total power.” In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding in which boys are trapped alone on an island with no adult supervision, this style of leadership immediately takes presence. Even though there are sparks of democracy and other ways of government dictatorship is proven the most effective and powerful throughout the book. The character Jack clearly exemplifies this idea through his role as the all-powerful dictator and totalitarian challenger. Golding argues that in a climate of fear dictatorship and violent personalities will overthrow democracy and rationality, shown by the continual power gain of Jack and the deterioration of any competitors.
By making Jack’s gain of power unrelenting and brutal Golding crafts the perfect unstoppable dictator. To have this inexorable supremacy Jack must forgo some of his understanding and courteous characteristics. For example when Jack’s power is questioned he hurts his initial ally, Ralph; “I’m chief!” Viciously, with full intention, ...

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