The Doctrine Of The Trinity Essay

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Christian thinkers and theologians of the Church are driven by research relevant to the doctrine of the Trinity. The purpose of this test is to evaluate critically the doctrine of the Trinity in order to establish a good understanding of the subject .
The Athanasian Creed , Ecumenical Councils of Nicaea and Constantinople are inspired to say faith, one and indivisible Church of the Trinity said: " We worship one God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity , neither confounding persons nor dividing the substance , because there is a person who is the Father , another who is the Son , and a third which is the Holy Spirit. But the Godhead of the Father is the same as that of the Son and Holy Spirit , their glory equal , their majesty co- eternal . as the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit also ... as the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit are all-powerful.
The real question is whether the doctrine of the Trinity is in the Bible or the God of the Bible a triune God ?
This question leads us to seek the revelation of God presented in the Bible to be able to conclude if we are forced to admit that the Triune God. One thing to mention about the Trinity is that the word trinity does not appear in the Bible, but the word " Trinity" is a word that , although unbiblical , intends to make education possible to the Scripture about God and the relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Here we touch on an important point, namely that it is best to keep the truth of Scripture than the words of Scripture. We must admit , therefore, the limits of our human language to talk about things so high , beyond our crisis, our understanding .
The Trinity is not a biblical teaching , how is she become a doctrine of Christianity? For many, it was mad...

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...the world . God is seen as the Supreme Being in the world in Christianity and other religions. Modern knowledge about God is that God is the creator of the world and all that is in it. The creation stories told in the Bible and many other stories , reports that God is the owner of everything in the visible and invisible world , including human life. In many perception, it has been known that God existed before the conception of the world . Therefore, it is the Supreme Being in the world. Knowledge ascribed in various passages of the Christian biblical analogies books and many recognize that God is the Father of Jesus , the Son and the human flesh when Mary bore him . With this belief , the father gave the world his only son as the only channel to salvation. The son has fulfilled the promise of God through the help of the Holy Spirit who dwells with men in the world.
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