The Doctrine Of Scripture

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The doctrine of Scripture is foundational to the Christian faith. But there is more to say about Scripture than simply, “The Bible says it.” I believe it. That settles it.” If you don’t grasp what the Bible is and how it came to be, you’ll never fully grasp its meaning. Since the meaning of the Bible is vitally important to our faith and life. God has spoken and God speaks. God has spoken and continues to speak through the Holy Scriptures, the Bible. The questions that I ask myself on a daily basis is, how well do I know what the Bible tells us about the Bible? Could I go into a room with complete confidence and speak the truth to many different people? That is why it is always important for me to be prepared.

In my opinion, I really like
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That’s exactly it, God speaks to all of us in different ways. Some come through scripture, some come through people, or music. But the end result is, it is always the doctrine of scripture that it comes from.
I lived a hard life before coming to Christ, and my life now is based on exactly what scripture says. I feel as if the doctrine of scripture is our spiritual GPS. It is direction on the way we need to live our life the way God expects us to. Without Christ, we can do nothing. Without Christ, we are useless. That’s exactly where the Holy Spirit comes in and convicts us. If we let him, he guides us in the right direction. It’s actually really cool to think we have someone there holding our hand. God will never leave us nor forsake us.
Our understanding of who God is (Theology) should shape our understanding and practice of the mission of the church. That’s another thing that I focus on, the church is just a building, but we as people- we are the church. We are called to be the church, and lead and guide people in the right direction through the Holy Spirit. The Doctrine of Scripture is vitally important to all Christians, for it is through the word that God saves us and causes us to grow in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Only through the scriptures do we have the knowledge of God is Jesus
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