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Changing history cannot be done without the strength and the leadership needed from a person. Without these qualities, the world will not shape for the better. An example of this qualities possessed by a leader, is Dr. Martin Luther King. Born in 1929, King was a successful civil rights activist in the United States Of America. Kings’ philosophy is to defeat the ‘evil’ of segregation through non-violent direct actions. One of king’s most successful accomplishments, was the boycott against the city bus company. On the thirteenth of November in 1956, the US district court ruled out against the state and local segregation laws in Alabama. This was only possible through the leadership and strength of Dr. Martin Luther King as the leader of the Montgomery Improvement Association. During 1957, King was elected as the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. In order to gain the trust and respect of the Christian audience, King wrote an essay that was published in the Christian Century as, ‘Nonviolence and racial justice’. In order to gain the audiences trust, King must develop his authority. Martin Luther King’s develops the ethos as authoritative in the essay, ‘Nonviolence and racial justice’ in order to gain to the trust and respect from the intended audience. Throughout the text, king appeals to ethos indirectly as form of persuasion of his authority. Initially he uses the tone of certainty and authority to develop the ethos. Secondly, King uses high modality and formal language as an effective way to demonstrate his intellect. Finally, he uses past events to appeal to ethos and logos.

Martin Luther King appeals to ethos through the tone of certainty and authority as method of persuading the Christian audience of h...

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...historical event in order to show the logic that there should be change, as just creating a ‘new kind of slavery’ is inadequate. The purpose of this quote is to explicitly show that the Plessy vs Ferguson decision must be changed. The effect is that the audience sides with Martin Luther King, which therefore gains his trust through ethos.

‘Non-violence and racial justice’ was the first essay written after Martin Luther King was elected the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. King used an essay as a way of expressing his philosophy and ideas to the Christian Audience and also building his characteristics as a leader of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King appeals to Ethos throughout most of the essay while also using Pathos and Logos. The ethos was creates as authoritative. He also used ethos to gain the audiences trust and respect.

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