The Diverse Factors of International Terrorism

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International Terrorism
The world today is faced by various security challenges including and not limited to terrorism. In this regard, several nations across the globe have come up with various mitigation strategies such as tightening immigration laws in order to counter terrorism. On this background, the term terrorism elicits mixed definitions from diverse schools of thought. This research paper therefore provides an in-depth analysis of terrorism ranging from definition, composition, structure and the justification of terrorism actions.
Terrorism Definitions: A comparative approach
Hanle (2007) argues that terrorism definition elicits mixed reactions depending on the agency defining it. In light of this, terrorism is scholarly defined as a deliberate stab aimed at inflicting pain through the application of mortal force primarily to send a message. Additionally, terrorism as the name suggests distorts the normative values of peace and stability. In this regard, terrorism leads to the untimely deaths of innocent citizens and maiming others. Terrorism (Hanle 2007) reaffirms the calculated acts of violence to a particular target. As a result, terrorism exerts unnecessary force to its target primarily to achieve zero survival rates upon completion. For example, the September 11 2001 attack in the United States was aimed at causing massive deaths to innocents civilians as a strategy to awaken the security and political authorities at the time. Hanle (2007) further defines terrorism as a retaliatory act of cowardice conducted by rebels. This includes and is not limited to bombing of buildings and irresponsible shooting of innocent civilians.
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...ty across the globe. According to Visser (2005) long term separatists influence global attention whereas nationalists seek to remain nations bound. For example, nationalists choose national challenges and gear towards their cause. Endemic terrorism, on the other hand does not respect territorial boundaries causing human and material losses. Financial resources applied in separatists, nationalists and endemic terrorism varies in quantity.
Terrorism continues to injure peace and stability across the world as a result of its devastating impacts including deaths and destruction of property that translates to economic underdevelopment. In conclusion, stringent security and immigration measures should be put in place in a collaborative approach incorporating all the relevant players for a cohesive world now and into the future in order to eliminate terrorism.

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