The Divergent Mending Wall in the Woods

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Robert Frost is one of the four great American poets. To many he is the the greatest poet to ever put pen to paper. His works carry much meaning by using simple illustrations. This paper will be an analysis of one of Frost’s earlier works, Mending Wall as well as one of his most famous works, The Road Not Taken. The main idea of both poems will be discussed and the characters will be analyzed. Along side of the analysis of both poems, there will be a short biography for the author Robert Frost.
Robert Frost was born in 1874 in california where he spent the first ten years of his life. When Robert’s father died in 1885, the surviving family moved to New England and that is where Frost lived for most of his life. Frost attended Dartmouth College after high school and dropped out after seven weeks. Frost went to work for a newspaper and two years after he got married to Elinor White, Robert enrolled at Harvard. Ultimately, Frost dropped out of Harvard as well, this combined with the need to support a growing family caused Frost to have anxiety and self doubt about himself. Over time, Frost gravitated toward Farming because it allowed him to write and think. In 1900, Frost obtained a farm in Derry, New Hampshire. By 1912, Frost was sick of farming and wanted to devote all of his time to writing, so he sold the farm and moved to England where his writing career really took off. Soon after arriving in England, Frost wished to move back to the United States, so he packed his things and moved back to New Hampshire in 1914. Once back in the United States, Frost’s career continued to flourish and he gain more and more popularity. By 1923, he was traveling around the country giving lectures and teaching students. After a very successful lif...

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... to network their way straight to the top while others may choose to work their way up from the bottom. In the end, either way will get you to your goal, but in most cases, you will learn a whole lot more by working your way up.
The character in the poem has chosen to take the road less traveled. He wishes to interact with nature and the setting that is around him because most of the fun is going to where you are going, not being there. This character compares with the main character in Mending Wall with his concern for nature and his willingness to be out among it.
To conclude, both of these poems are definitevly Frost poems because they demonstrate his love of nature and concern with symbolism. The characters in both poems do have differences but they also are similar. Both poems are some of Robert Frost’s most famous poems and will continue to be for generations.
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